Megan - Megan Bearder

Scrabbling up the hood to the roof of my dad’s Mercedes, at his urging, was my first major lesson in photography at age 15.

My dad had been a professional photographer, and at one point, even secretly photographed the mafia at the FBI’s behest. (That he did hidden in the trunk of his car with the hatch slightly open and used a very long lens!). Now he was telling me to get a better vantage point of the Napa Valley winery of which I was about to photograph. Really? Walk up the hood and stand on the roof?  Yep, that was what he wanted me to do.

Whatever the repair cost from the dents that day, it was far less than the value of the lesson- making images is important so do whatever it takes to make good photographs. (And maybe try to get a little higher up).

I’ve been heeding that lesson ever since- from shooting on top a 300 ft high wind turbine for an international energy company, photographing war veterans  up in  Huey helicopters, photographing in the Moroccan king’s palace, to documenting the day a bride has looked forward to almost her entire life.

A wedding is where the moments really matter. These are the images that you and your family are going to be looking at and reminiscing over for the next 10, 20, and years beyond that. These images are really important.  Make sure you have an experienced, professional photographer. I have photographed HUNDREDS of weddings and events and have very, very happy brides, moms and clients! Your wedding is too important to not have great photography with someone who will give you great service and care.

I care about your day as much as you do. Really, your wedding is my wedding. I care every minute of your day to capture and create the best images possible. The images I capture and create are going to preserve your day infinitely.